China Central EXPO 2017 |  The Vice Premier of the National Council Mr. Wangyang praised the desktop

Issuing time:2017-05-19 20:30

During 17th-19th, May, 2017, the 10th China Central EXPO was held in Hefei city, the novel and unique robots caught the attention of the Vice Premier of the National Council Mr. Wangyang. These desktop art robots were developed more than 18 months, based on the industry robot techniques: dual-arm & six-axis, four-axis, scara plain joint, and delta parallel connection. DDROBO concentrate all these techniques into small desktop art robots, and they can be simply extended, if you increase relative modules, the robots can actualize the 3D printing, laser imprinting and sorting pallet, etc. According to the test parameters, they have very high stability and completeness, which is infrequent in desktop robot industry.

Mr. Wangyang was visiting DDROBO booth, accompanied by governor Mr. Wangxiaodong, vice-governor Mr. Dongdaochi, and secretary-general Wangxiangxi of Hubei province.

The DDROBO art robots were reported in CCTV1 news

The Hefei TV was interviewing Mr. Wusong, the vice president of DDROBO.

The journalist filming the interaction between visitor and robot

The visitor was observing carefully in front of the writing robot

The robot was writing the Chinese words

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