TAN.IN application case

Issuing time:2017-11-28 09:11

Scenes 1: In the mall

TAN.IN made a welcome shopping guide test before Wanda Plaza. He can take the initiative to wake up the welcome, greet customers. He also can achieve welcome service through technologies such as automatic navigation and manual control.

Scenes 2: At the banquet

TAN.IN can identify the customer's identity, He can also serve the guests side of the wine, as well as answer your guests' questions.

Scenes 3: In exhibition

TAN.IN participated in the national "12th Five-Year" scientific and technological innovation exhibition. Site staff through the remote control him and the audience close contact.

TAN.IN attended the ICIF.

TAN.IN attended the Shenzhen Smart Home Show.

TAN.IN attended Optics Valley Expo.

Scenes 4: In business

Here is a picture of TAN.IN in Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Scenes 5: Science and Technology Museum

Here is a picture of TAN.IN in Lanshan Science and Technology Museum in Jilin.

Scenes 6: Large event site

TAN.IN participated in the 2016 Dongguan Marathon.

TAN.IN attended the college games.

Scenes 7: TV show

TAN.IN participated in a TV show "If You Love" in Sanya.

TAN.IN served as the program ambassador.

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