G70 Autonomous Floor Scrubber
Dimensions: 1100*700*1100mm(L*W*H)
Weight: 165kg
Solution tank: 130L (34gal)
Recovery tank: 130L (34gal)
Scrubbing width: 660mm
Run time: ≥3h
Working speed: 0.5-1.0m/s
Cleaning rate: 1400㎡/h
Brush type: Dual-disks
Battery: 24V 120AH Lithium
Sound level: ≤70dB
Connectivity: WIFI 2.4+4G
Controls: Autonomous & Manual
Path plan: Intelligent plan
Product Details

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Integrated Technologies

DDROBO G70 autonomous floor scrubber is equipped with a wide variety of state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the G70 scrub floors of different scenarios precisely and steadily.

DDROBO G70 floor scrubber-04.jpg

Multi Safety Protection

G70 industrial floor cleaning robot is equipped with a multisensor system for superior safety and reliability in every complex situation.


Dual Screen User Interface

The 10'' LCD touch-screen in the rear of G70 automated floor machine is the main user interface, combined with the handlebar and physical button, could achieve the autonomous task and manual task operations.

G70 industrial floor scrubber_07.jpg

Over-obstacle Capacity

The chassis structure of G70 has been heightened. It can autonomously cross the ground obstacle such as the speed hump when the cleaning module is lifted, and its max. obstacle height up to 50mm.

G70 commercial floor scrubber_09.jpg

Anti-corrosion LLDPE Tank

G70 commercial floor scrubber tanks, with a capacity of 260L, make full use of the machine structure space. The solution tank and the recovery tank are made by LLDPE material, which can reduce a lot of weight and extend the life cycle. The large capacity design of tanks can clean larger areas in a short time and efficiently.

G70 floor scrubbing robot

IOT Cleaning Management System

The system provides you 24/7 remote access to every connected cleaning machine. This means you know exactly what is happening, when and where it is happening and by whom – with every connected machine you can monitor, verify and improve your effectiveness.

G70 floor cleaner 13.jpg

Autonomous & Manual Operations

DDROBO G70's operator interface allows it to be switched into manual mode with a simple command. Once the manual scrubbing is completed, it is easily switched back into autonomous floor scrubbing mode.

G70 intelligent scrubber_15.jpg

Autonomous Docking Station

DDROBO G70 robotic floor scrubber can autonomously achieve the battery charging, clean water refilling and dirty water draining by deploying the autonomous docking station. When the battery is running out, the recovery tank is full or the solution tank is empty, G70 will autonomously go back to refill its supplies. It can independently work at night or in a severe environment without an operator for a long time.

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( For specific functions and detailed configuration of the product, please consult the sales staff.)

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